Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crazy Good Children's Books: Big Mama Makes the World

We love books around my house. My husband had to build a ceiling high bookshelf to house my books, and Juni has an obscene collection himself. And honestly, while Juni is wild about his books--I still think I may love his books more than him.

And yet, it is not always easy to find truly good children's books. For me they have to contain charming characters, artful illustrations, and a less than moronic storyline (and there are a lot of BORING children's books out there) that teaches simple life lessons or inspires imagination--while not talking down to me or my son. So, this is one of those books that fits that criteria for me--and I will share more in the future, but let's start here....
This is my absolute fave book of Julian's--Big Mama Makes the World by Phyllis Root and beautifully illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. I so, so love this book I could sprinkle it over some ice cream and spoon it up and eat it. So good! This is a creation story that combines multiple creation myths and stories from around the world and different religions--but better yet, the person creating the world is Big Mama--a mother. And while making the moon and the animals she is also tending to her baby, worrying about the laundry piling up and making cookies in between. Oh, and did I mention this mama has a distinctly southern bent?

The illustrations are so gorgeous and creative. Again, bring me a spoon, please. Now, keep in mind we are not religious over at our house--but I do like to introduce spirtually based ideas to Juni to ponder and he loves this book as much as I do.
And best yet, Juni now does not have it fixed in his mind that only a MALE figure created the world--go Big Mama!

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