Saturday, August 23, 2008

Felted Wool and Melancholic Sheep

A big ol' pile of felted wool sweater pieces on my work table--soon to be plush for the Plush You show. Like, really soon since the deadline for submitting my pieces is, like, a week away or something. Gotta kick it into high gear and get behind the wheel of my sewing machine and quit this lollgaggin' around the house, watching Weeds on DVD, reading novels into the wee hours, boozing on the wine with friends....
The amassed colors of the wool are inspiring me though.

Oh, and there's someone I want you to meet--but be forewarned, he's feeling a little melancholy today so don't be too happy around him. Here he is....
It's the Melancholic Sheep, made by Eveluche. He may be feeling a little sad and pensive, but I mean, is this not one of the absolute sweetest and most beautiful plushies you have ever seen? I am so in love with it--I actually think it may be my favorite plush EVER.
All of Eveluche's work is so gorgeous--every single piece, without exception. And there is something about her work that just sort of grabs your heart and squeezes it a little and you fall deeply in love, and immediately feel heartbroken that you cannot afford to buy every single one of her plushies. Her work has soul.
And here is my little Melancholic Sheep friend, laying down for a little nap. I guess I can let him rest there a wee bit while I go make a cup of green tea and read some more on the sun porch...plushie making can wait a bit longer...Sweet dreams, little sheep.

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