Sunday, September 21, 2008

10 Bibs, a Wood Duck, Charlie & Sarah, and a Black Sheep (no, this is not the start of a bad joke)...

This is what is on my work desk at the moment--a rainbow stack of freshly cut bibs made from reclaimed toweling. The urge to make a bunch of bibs just came upon me late last night. Yeah, weird. But I think it had something to do with the fact that I have made a few of these before for a friend's baby shower and they were simple to make and provided some quick crafting gratification. You can see the final results from the baby shower bibs below...The design is from Amy Karol's book, Bend the Rules Sewing--they turn out really nicely. I think she recommends using flannel on the back of her bibs, but I really like the extra weight and absorbency of the terry cloth--plus, it gave me an excuse to dig into my stack of toweling. I also have about 3 other plush projects under way--more Babies on a Stick, some sock plushies, and am doing some variations on the Groovy Rainbow Chick doll I made for the Plush You show--more stripey clothing and unnatural hair colors in this version. This afternoon my Beeper (yes, this is what I call my boy--now you know where my shop name came from...) and I walked down to Powderhorn Park to do the playground thing and call upon the neighborhood geese. You can see them aiming for Beeper across the lake like feathered torpedoes......they know stale bread crusts await! Then Beeper was all, Damn the Torpedoes, and just gave them the bread in short order and focused on the lovely wood duck that popped over.
And by the way, Beeper's light blue British Flashcard style tee with the screen printed red mini on it was created by the talented Charlie and Sarah. They do a whole line of British Flashcard apparel for babies to adults and totes (I have one with the Lolly design on it in red--I use it to tote around my WIP's).
In fact, we have several of their designs--like this Tipper Lorry tee. When I was selling at the No Coast Craft O' Rama last year, Charlie and Sarah were also there--and Brian bought one of these for himself. Then I bought Beeper a matching one for Christmas so daddy and son could have hip matching tees (and I will have you know they have been known to actually wear them both at the same time--Beeper LOVES that). Anyway, the actual live Charlie and Sarah are way cool. I love them both and am looking forward to seeing them again this year at the No Coast sale. I groove on Sarah's energy--and she is a marketing dynamo with their wares. I am perpetually impressed.
And on a final note--I am lovelorn over this little Black Sheep in Eveluche's shop right now. My brain says no, but my heart cries, yes, yes, yes! Especially since she could be the partner to my Melancholic Sheep--I mean, maybe my sheep would cheer up if he only had this little black sheep to befriend in my workshop....don't you think?

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