Thursday, October 2, 2008

Unplanned Purchases

Yeah, it's true. These are some unplanned purchases--not discussed with Mr. Beeper, certainly not budgeted for, and not even really thought about...until my friend Kendra popped up at my house and told me she was going to Ikea because they were having a big rug clearance. And you know how it is--Beeper loves Ikea (the play area, the kids room set-ups, the toys, even the food in the cafeteria--but weirdly, his favorite thing is the warehouse with all the furniture in boxes) and his mama loves a we went. And next thing you know, we had purchased this persian rug for our livingroom (pictured above) ...and this Kilimrug for our entry way......and this bigger Kilim for our diningroom. The thing is, they were all 30-50% off and all made of wool and I just fell in love with the colors...and with winter coming in our drafty old house it seemed kinda practical at the time...

Happily, Mr. Beeper likes them too, afterall.

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