Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Forlorn Plushies and Plush Artists on the Dole

Save Handmade Toys
Have you heard about how legislation that goes into effect come February will effect every single plush artist or independent craft person making items for children? Please read more about this here and take action to help prevent this ridiculous blanket legislation from going into effect as it stands today. I mean, I don't want lead or other toxic chemicals in my little boy's toys, but I also still want to be able to buy wonderful handmade toys for my son from other crafters and artists--and I want to continue to make and sell my plushies to other parents for their children. Please help us modify this legislation so my, as well as other, plushies are not left forlorn without a kid to love them...

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EmmaTM said...

Thank you for posting this!!!

I wrote to my congressman last week, but now I put that button on my blog too. I just can't believe this is happening and hope for the best! Your shop is wonderful, I hope it can stay open!