Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beeper's Birthday

When Beeper was only about 2 months old, I was at the grocery store with him strapped to me, asleep in his sling. A man, there with his two daughters who were about 5 and 7, approached me and said "Hold on to this time. Believe me, it will fly by faster than you can begin to imagine. Before you know it, he will be heading off to kindergarten." And I looked at him through the lens of my sleep deprivation and just could not even begin to wrap my head around the idea that my boy would EVER be as big as his two girls hanging off the sides of his cart and I might have another full night of sleep again.But here we are--having just registered for his kindergarten last week and as of today, my boy is 5 years old.
So, a favorite Beeper story from this past year:
6:00am on a Saturday morning and Beeper came stumbling into our bedroom in his jammies, hair all bedraggled, eyes barely open--and he said in a sleep-raspy voice, "Mommy, when I say I'm ready to rock and roll, that means I am ready to have fun." He paused, rubbed his eyes.  "And Mommy, I am ready to rock and roll."

I did not make that up. 100% true. 6am on a Saturday, still in his jammies, he is ready to rock and roll--and that is what perfectly sums up the essence of Beeper's personality for me.

Happy birthday, Beeper. Let's rock and roll.

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Max California said...

oh man. if Vinnie turns out to be half the rockstar your little man is, i'd be happy!