Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Major Blog Crush Confession: Sweet Sweet Life

Dear Sweet Sweet Life,

Um, yeah. It's true. I totally have a crush on you and I could not contain it any longer and just had to tell you all about it like some silly junior-high girl who cannot stop herself from doing stupid things like looking at the boy she likes from across the science lab and then dissolving into love-struck giggles all over her best friend's shoulder. I mean, this is a little embarrassing for a woman in her thirties, for god's sake.

But here I am anyway. Just needing to tell you how friggin LOVELY and AWESOME and COOL you are. Yeah, we've exchanged a couple of blog comments and while I think Amy thinks I am okay--I am not sure she knows just how much I am totally in love with you, Sweet Sweet Life. Like, if I could, I would call up your local radio station and dedicate a song to you and Amy.

Why, you ask? Because you rock. Okay? For real. You are my favorite blog in the whole world right now and nearly every day you bring me some new piece of inspiration and happiness via a link to another site you turn me onto, or just through a photo of what is happening over at chez Sweet Sweet Life or some little thing Amy and her girls have gotten up to like making these rad poppettes, or this uber-sweet shrinky-dink jewelry.

Sweet Sweet Life--I love you and while I am still a little embarassed, I guess I am not afraid to admit it to the world when it comes down to it. Thanks for making my life a sweeter place to be.

Luv ya, Holly


Anonymous said...

HOOOLLLY!!!! Oh, my gosh! You just made my whole month, for heaven's sake! Thank you! A million, a billion times, thank you!!!

I love you too, you know. I totally think you rock, and I would love it if we could be BFFs. 'Cause you're that great.

Man. I'm on cloud nine. One of the best things EVER. Thanks!!!

Mama Rose said...

What a super cute post! You guys are just too cute :D

Holly said...

BFF? For real? That would be SWEET! Isn't blogging awesome?

Karin said...

That was so sweet! She really does rock as I am lucky enough to know her in real life. What a great post!

Caroline said...

I love her too!!

BeBe Babies said...

I love her blog a loooooooooooot too! I can understand your crush. :)

Sarah Greenman said...

I'm with you - Sweet Sweet Life is such a lovely blog.

Maxine said...

Me too!!