Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Toy Society Drop: Steve the Cat

Look. It's Steve the Cat. Isn't he a sweet (if wonky) little kitty? I made him from some reclaimed blue wool suiting--and vintage buttons for eyes.
He was created from Denyse Schmidt's pattern in her book, Quilts. Have you seen this book before? It has some drool-inducingly gorgeous quilts with a lovely modern edge to them. Also, have I mentioned that I do not even know how to quilt? But this books makes me want to knuckle down and learn it despite the fact that it seems a like it could feel like Chinese Water Torture given how long it seems it would take to complete just one quilt. I feel like I would have to train for it like a marathon--doll quilt first, build up to a wall hanging, then muscle my way through to a lap quilt--and finally, the big race--the bed-sized quilt. One of these days, I tell you...Anyway, the book has lots of other patchwork projects that are not quilts--totes, slippers, cards, etc. Really, the book is lovely--you should check it out. And incidently, Denyse also creates some of my all time favorite fabric collections--like Katie Jump Rope--one of which I used on Steve's tummy and ears. So Steve is all Denyse Schmidt, all the time.But back to Steve. This is Steve in a tree. Yes, poor Steve is stuck in a tree, waiting for some person to come a long and rescue him. Rescue him AND report back to The Toy Society on who has helped him down and will now assume responsibility for him. He is good cat mostly (although he does have a tendency to dig through the bathroom trash and make off with little pieces that he stashes in little nests under the bed). But he has quite a docile nature and was really quite agreeable to being my September Toy Society drop--number 9 in my year long commitment, for those who might be counting (and if you have some idle time on your hands, you can see all the drops I made here). Now I am just hoping that someone picked Steve up before it rained last night--you know how cats detest rain.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

this is just sooo awesome! =D
i've been following the toy society for a while now, but havent done a drop myself.
my reasons? not too good at sewing yet, and im kinda scared it's going to be considered a bomb threat with my lousy luck. >_>
but seeing you commit yourself to it, gives me a bit of courage! =^__^=
now to find the perfect pattern, skills, and place...

(eep! sorry about the double post! ;_; )

Puglette said...

steve is so cute, the wonky bits give him character! quilting can be easy or hard, you can free form them and they will still be beautiful. i tried to learn all the hard stuff and stopped sewing...then i decided i was going to make them to make me happy and then it was easy!


Steve is wonderful. I too love Denyse's book-I dig it out regurlarly and drool. I have to confess to not being able to quilt and too feeling a bit overwhelmed. So for my first quilt I bought an unfinished quilt top and am backing, binding and quilting it. That and my from scratch small wall hanging 9 patch quilt under my belt and I may be ready to tackle one of my own. can't do everything I guess.