Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snippets of the Holiday

There was a mad-dash run of crafting and gift making this past week around here--hence, my absence (and if I was to be perfectly candid, I would admit that I am still finishing up making some gifts--any one else out there still making gifts?).  But damn if I did not manage some cheer around here--even Mr Beeper commented on Christmas Eve, The house looks so cozy and festive.  This sort of comment coming from my nearly always oblivious husband should not be dismissed--it means something.  Like what, you might ask?  Well, I like to think that it means all the late nights in my workshop, afternoons in the kitchen , and hours bent over the paper cutter were worth something--at least to my family .  And me too (because I so love those little trees I made from The Small Object even now...photos follow).
{New stockings for the whole family, sewn from vintage buttons and some old wool flannel Pendleton shirts Mr Beeper had in the attic--the pattern is from Stitched in Time by Alicia Paulson. (caution: this project is best not undertaken in the final minutes before Christmas--while the results are lovely, the stockings were far more time consuming to make than one would ever guess)}
{Several varieties of cookies in the name of Christmas--Gingerbread Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Pistacio Biscotti, Pinenut & Rosemary Biscotti, Grandma Neuman's Spice Cookies, and Peanut Butter topped with Kisses}
{My favorite holiday craft project: these sweet little trees made from The Small Objects'pattern
{Inspired by Amy's post, made from this tutorial on Design Sponge}
{some inspiration via Martha, made from recycled cards from holidays past--find the instructions here)

Happy Belated Christmas and Merry New Year, dear Chez Beeper Bebe readers--hope you found your own crafting inspiration and cheer over the holidays.


PopiKoki said...

Oh, everything is so so nice. Like it very very much!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely handmade decor...great inspiration for next year!

Jamie :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You really rocked it, my dear! Everything is awesome--more wonderful than the originals! And those cookies--they must've been something. I hope you enjoyed the fruits of your labors--you sure deserve it. Beautifully done!

Fleurie Flower Studio said...

Always good to hear from a husband who is usually oblivious to changes in decor and such, I have one of those too. Your decor is lovely, and if your family is enjoying it, and you are enjoying it, then all the hard work is worth it!

Kate Moore said...

The hubby is right. The house looks great ... and that baking. You mad thing. I do love the containers they're in too. I keep an eye out for something similar at the op shops but have turned up nought thus far.

Me said...

I love the Christmas decorations! Definitely some stuff I'd love to try for next year!!