Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Celebrating the Boy

It is Celebrate the Boy month over at Made by Rae and Made. This means that the whole month of February, Rae and Dana are doing posts on crafts and projects and tutorials geared for boys only. Love this idea. Boys need crafty, handmade things too.

Rae and Dana have already launched the month with some of their own projects--Dana has a cool tee pattern with endless possibilities and Rae has a brilliant tutorial on making little boys shirts from recycled big-boy shirts. And, all month they will featuring various guest bloggers who will be sharing their own boy-centric projects--me included. I will be showing up on Feb 23 with a boy-ish toy tutorial (although, girls are welcome to play too, if they are so inclined--even if I do hear comments from Beeper's girl friends like, His toys are all snakes and super heroes and stuff. They aren't very good. And kind of gross. To which I say, I hear you, sister, but the world can't be all hot pink ruffles and Polly Pockets now, can it? Besides, you'll understand that Batman is cool when you're older.). There are many other wonderful crafters who will be contributing too--Meg from Elsie Marley among them.

So, go check it out. Find Rae's blog here, and Dana's here.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks so much. I've got my five year old at home and he loves making things.