Friday, February 5, 2010

In My Shop: Sleepyhead Bunny & Rainbow Sunshine Plushie

More sweet and lovely little plushies in my shop made from that uber-soft organic cotton fleece I recently purchased. There is just something about this material that reminds me of a lovingly worn and most-beloved toy--in fact, I think my brother had this little sleepy puppy (Sleeper was what we called him) made from a fabric very similar to this way back when--back before the notion of making fabrics from synthetic materials ever existed. And it was his favorite cuddle toy for ages--and then it was adopted by me when he was over it.

So, I have designed a little plushie sleepyhead bunny that is based on an antique bunny toy I saw in a book. It is sweetly sized for little ones with a sleepy face inspired by the aforementioned Sleeper. I also created this sunshiney little plushie made with a color wheel of ribbons. You know, babies love those little ribbon tags, and, well, lately, I am in love with using lots of color (the influence of Beeper's favored coloring approach--the color-it-like-a-rainbow-threw-up-all-over-it approach).

You can find them both in my shop, here.


Courtney Short said...

those are just adorable!! I was admiring the bunny when I saw it on flickr!! love your stuff.

Em. said...

Oh they are both so sweet! And look ridiculously soft and cuddly.

Elizabeth said...

I'm in love with the ribbon tag plushie and that wittle wabbit!

meg said...

I love the new bunny! what a fantastic pattern--and great expression. My daughter's favorite color is rainbow and I find myself actually being into it, even though I was too cool for rainbows when I was a kid. maybe that's why I suddenly love them.