Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sharing: Happy Projects That Have Nothing to Do with Fall

I know, it's fall and I ought to be doing something in warm autumnal colors, projects that will keep you warm as the sun sets earlier and the days get cooler...but still, these colorful projects just spoke to me more right now--so this is what you get.  And really, look at them--how could they not make you smile a little bit?  That pompom rainbow of a garland from Honestly...WTF?  (I am thinking about how my local thrift store always has plastic bags of little leftover balls of yarn that nobody wanted and imagining all the colors I can snatch up for this project...)  Homemade polka dotted fruit roll-ups in your lunch?  Little paper thread bobbins with a happy face?  Who does not need some of that in your life?  And I am just dying to make some of those scratch foam block prints from Glitter Goods with Beeper--I am thinking monsters for that one just because Beeper would dig that.  And I have always loved Sarah's paper doll and I just want to get around to dressing some of those with Beeper as well.  So, these are what I will be up to, in between all the other things I am up to--and I hope you like some of these enough to get up to them too.  You can find the whole list of links over yonder in the sidebar--under Projects Found Elsewhere You Should See.
Have a happy colorful day.


Amy said...

Freakin' awesome--each and every one! I'd take these over Fall colors any day of the week. Just wish I had a bit more time to plunge in, but that's okay--I'll find a way. They just look too darn fun. thanks, my dear! Just what I needed on this very early Friday morning! xoxox.

ariana. said...

Oh, how exciting to see the little boats on your lovely and inspiring blog! And in the company of such divine ideas! I would like to try them all. All the best, a