Monday, August 29, 2011

Madeline Island

Cliffs of Madeline Island
Old Fishing Cabin on Manitou Island
Lake Superior Rocks
Canoe near the Lagoon on Madeline Island
Mr Beeper and Beeper Exploring Manitou Island
Old Fishing Camp
Cabinet Remains in Fishing Camp
Lagoon on Madeline Island
Rocks and Drift Wood
Tim Naps on the Dock
Sailboat through the Grass off Manitou Island
Tom's Burned Down Bar
Mr Beeper's Favorite Sign at Tom's
Mad Island Style at Tom's
Hammock in the Yard of the Mad Island Public Library
Little Miss Lily Leaps into Lake Superior
Beeper Fearlessly Hops In
Canoes on Mad Island
As a rule, given the inhospitality of the weather around here most of the year, we deliberately make our vacation plans for near locales and try to make the most of the what is right here while the weather is lovely--you may have noticed this.  Thus, we have been away in the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior, staying at a friend's wonderful new home on Madeline Island--and then saved a few days on the back end for a short trip to Ludlow's Island for our annual summer's end visit.  I had never been to the  Islands before and as you can see, the beauty is pretty staggering.  For me, few things can compete the with the rocky shorelines, fresh water lake-swimming, boreal forests, and that rustic-feel of Lake Superior.  Having grown up in northern Minnesota, those red cliffs and cold waters feel like coming home and I can shuck off whatever else may be preoccupying me and just be right there, right then.

And for future reference: when it would seem I have disappeared off the face of my blog, you can probably safely assume I was on vacation.  I always have the best intentions of dropping in here to say hello, let you know where I am,  squeeze a post in here or there about whatever we are up to--but somehow, I just fall into my vacation headfirst, forgetting everything else.  I hope you understand.

I will be back tomorrow to announce the winner of the
Tea gift certificate--I pinky-swear.


Sarah said...

Looks so relaxing. Lake trips are the best!

- Sarah

Scented Sweetpeas said...

wow that place looks like heaven!

kristin said...

i can name three in my household who would LOVE a "no shoes, no shirt, no problem" policy...i swear, half my energy in the summer is used up trying to get my bare-foot wonders into shoes so we can enter any public place.

looks like a great time was had by back to school?

Holly said...

yes, back to school...but I am committed to pretending like it is still summer all the way through September at least. I mean, I love autumn, but what;s the big rush?

meg said...

I wondered where you went. I am so ridiculously envious.

thea said...

oh my, it looks like the perfect escape.... sigh.



carrster said...

Just camped on Madeline earlier this summer. Heaven! Looks like you had a fabulous time. Beautiful photos, as usual.