Monday, November 7, 2011

Sharing: A Handful of Some Late Autumn Projects

When I was putting this list of projects I was of two minds--I was thinking about late autumn and that feeling of wanting to begin to hunker down in your home as the weather begins to get colder--but then, I admit, I was also thinking about the holidays.  I am sorry to bring it up in early November, but it is right there smack in the middle of my own mind lately because I have already begun making and stocking my own Etsy shop for the holidays and have been thinking about all the things I want to make for my own family and friends.  And if you hand-make things for gifts, I am sure you get this--because these things do not make themselves in a few days and it can take planning to realize all the grand crafting and gift-giving plans.  So, this is what you have here in this list of projects--a bunch of projects I would love to make for myself at this time of year (that dyed plaid scarf, the feedsack bag), but also a list of projects that could just as easily translate to gift giving (the drawn-on porcelain, the whiskey and salted caramel truffles, that itty bitty walnut pincushion from Ariana that makes me want to die).

As always, happy crafting--and gift-planning.


Sarah said...

I'm loving the whale plush.

- Sarah

kristin said...

oh. that is a really great list. a REALLY great list! where to begin...

don't be sorry about bringing it up in November. it's so much more rewarding and pleasant to hear about the holidays early when it's all about hand made. (and a annoying music blasting)

so. are you doing no coast craft-o-rama this year?

Holly said...

Kristin--I am not doing No Coast this year. I typically do it every other year--although I am trying to get some sort of promo set up with them for the Microcraft book I had some designs in it--but nothing certain for that either. Really, I am just focusing on stocking up my Etsy shop and making for the people in my life.

la pluma said...

Hi Holly!
Thank you so much for sharing my pin cushion. It was such a treat to see it in your lovely space alongside so many amazing projects. It is always a treat to visit here! I hope this finds you well! a.