Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Umbrella Prints Love

What's this have to do with Valentine's Day?  Well, nothing really--except there are some hearts screen printed on some of the fabrics--and also, I do heart Umbrella Prints.  These are two different fabric scrap sets I purchased recently--one is a trimmings pack (top), one a remnant pack with some larger pieces (bottom).  You have to be feeling a little bit lucky when you place an order for one of these since you have no idea which fabrics you will actually receive--but you can safely count on an interesting array of patterns and a beautifully coordinated palette of colors in each pack.  Did I mention that they hand screen-print all of their fabrics on organic cotton/hemp fabrics using eco-friendly inks?  Yep.
Do I have any idea what  I am going to make with these yet?  Nope.  But there are lots of lovely ideas in the Umbrella Prints Flickr group (if you care to see what a $10 pack of fabric scraps can become, check out the photos from the Trimmings competition they held last year).  
Happy Valentine's Day, by the way.  Hope your day is filled with love and kindness and something sweetly handmade.

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