Friday, March 9, 2012

In My Shop: Mooshy Belly Bunnies

There are a rainbow array of little mooshy belly bunnies in my shop.  These bunnies are made from recycled stripey t-shirts.  They also have sweet mooshy bellies--no, not morbidly mooshy--just mooshy enough that they make for good cuddling, but can still fit easily into an easter basket.  Find them hopping around here.  
(Psssst: want some mooshiness you can make all on your own?  Head on over this way and find my FREE mooshy bunny tutorial...)


Karina/Tungelunden said...

Super cute! :)

Susan said...

Very very cute!

Chase Clark said...

Aww they're so sweet! I love that you make them from recycled fabrics.