Monday, March 19, 2012

Whoops! About that Zakka Style Lucky Day Give-Away...

What?  I'm only 14 days late to announce the winner of the Zakka Style Lucky Day Give-Away like I said I would.  Punctuality is over-rated--and, clearly, for people with better memories.  So, if you are still lingering, wondering if I am EVER going to announce the winner...well, yes, I am.  Right now, in fact:
Come on down and claim your copy of Zakka Style.  Please email me with your mailing address and other essential info and I will happily get the book off to you in the mail.

To everyone else who left comments with suggestions about what you would personally like to see in a Beeper Bebe book--thank you.  It was helpful to me to hear from you and will certainly help shape the direction of future book-ish endeavors.

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