Saturday, November 30, 2013

In My Shop: Buttloads of Stuff

Hi.  It's me.  Remember me?  I have been quietly lurking about here at home, shirking my blog, but happily sewing lots of toys and stuff.  It's been nice to make some stuff again.  I even have some tutorials in mind...maybe I will manage to get something out here before Christmas?  It has been hard to make my way back here, but picking up needle and thread again has felt good.  And as you can see, I have been picking it up A LOT.

So, there is a bunch of stuff in my Etsy shop.  If you are interested or care or whatever.   Oodles of ipod monster cozies, recycled crayons galore, a whole nursery full of matchbox monsters (I got to tell you that I am SO tired of changing nappies...), a fresh batch of babies on a stick, and even my much-sought-after-but-rarely-made plush alphabet magnets (act now because it could be another 2 years before I make more) even more.  I know. I got a little crazy but it was good.  

You can find all you see above and more in my shop--right here.   
Happy holiday shopping.


Christina said...

Well, hello again! :D Your shop is full of awesomeness! I'm wishing now that I didn't pretty much have all of my Christmas shopping done.

HelenS said...

Oh my, I am so pleased you are back with us. I hope you haven't had to deal with anything dreadful while you've been off air? Lovely to see all your lovely goodies!

Monkey said...

Oh yay! You are my all time favorite blogger. I have actually been worried about you and would be so delighted if you came back here. xx