Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Hey everyone. Welcome to my brand, spanking new blog. Can I tell you how super duper excited I am to FINALLY have my very own blog? For months, every day it felt like, I would have something I wanted to share with all of you--a new plushie purchase, a recipe (love to cook, love to eat, love to feed my friends...), some new blog or artist I was crazy about, a new design I am working on--and I just had no way to really share it all beyond posting some photos out on my Flickr page. But now--FINALLY--I can blabber all I want about all the stuff that rocks my midwestern world. And maybe no one is listening, but who cares? Here I am anyway...

So, dolls. I have been obsessed lately. Been sketching and jotting notes about all manner of dolls and new doll designs. The pattern I am working out as we speak is for a teeny-weeny baby doll that will come with clothes, a plushie, a blankie and a mattress...I think teeny things are somehow more loveable--just the fact of being able to hold it in the palm of your hand makes it more adorable. I am calling this new design my Bitty Bebes. I expect to have a couple in my Etsy shop by this is a look at the sketch of the design (I made this sketch while on a plane coming back from London for my corporate girl job.). It was inspired by my Baby on a Stick rattle design I made a couple of months ago.
Also, I love Emily Martin and her blog, Inside a Black Apple, and her lovely artwork, and all the other stuff she dreams up and seemingly so quickly produces (so much satisfaction in visiting her blog because there is ALWAYS something new she is making, or some amazing new piece of news regarding her artist/crafting success). So, she makes these Sophie dolls every now and again, and they are crazy-sought-after--they literally sell out in seconds when she posts them in her Etsy shop, The Black Apple. And, I had my eye on this one with a sweet woodgrain dress and shiny red buttons that reminded me of cherries--and blue hair--swoon! And I actually managed to snag it (teehee) in her shop her.

And lastly, Mahar Dry Goods, is carrying several of my Two Faced Friend dolls.

I love Robert's webshop and was a fan long before he came to me about carrying these dolls--the shop carries the most beautifully crafted, handmade items for children--from clothing to toys to books. It was a true compliment to work with him. He alone is carrying these dolls and I am not carrying them in my shop right now. You can view more photos of my Two-Faced Friend doll designs here.

So, thanks for coming by today. I hope you will visit again. I'll try to be a reasonably good host and serve up something new when you come by....Ciao, bebes.


pomly said...

Cuteness abounds! Welcome to blogland! :)

Natalia said...

Dearest Bebe!
I think it's great you have your blog... I love your 2-faced dolls (you know it!) and I am listening!!!

meg said...

yay for the blog! it's about time! can't wait to see all the plushie goodness around these parts.

Robert said...

Welcome to the blogoshpere! So happy you saw the dolls up on the site - they've literally just been posted within the last two days - and I think they photographed really well!

So, wishing you many happy posts to come!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see your new blog! Congratulations on stocking the wonderful Mahar's Dry Goods and your new Black Apple doll is delightful :-)