Saturday, July 26, 2008

First Ever Beeper Bebe Summer Sale

I am hosting my very first ever Beeper Bebe summer sale--this is the big chance to get some of my items marked down anywhere from $8-15!. The items on sale are items I am no longer making for the most part and I want to make way for several all new designs I am working out (so many ideas, so little time...).
There are some of my old favorites, Mangy Menagerie plush animals made from reclaimed cashmere and a couple made from wool. The personality profiles they come with were written by my much funnier, more clever husband. These were my original Beeper Bebe designs that I very first made when I started designing plush items--I still love them, really, and just want to see them go to a good home after all this waiting with bated breath in my workshop--you know, they are starting to become like those puppies in the window that no one adopts . I have to admit that this Chicken is near and dear to my heart (mostly because I LOVE chickens for completely inexplicable reasons)--his name is Louis and he just isn't all that bright but he is well intended, nonetheless.

I have also put this Mini Menagerie playset on sale. The little sparrow family (which were featured on Softies Central some time back, by the way) is made from reclaimed wool tweed suitcoats. And like any stylish sparrow, the mama sparrow has her own pillbox hat and purse. I also love this set and it seems to get many words of admiration, but just happens to be one of those puppies in the window no one is purchasing.
So, if you are in the market for a handmade gift, or need a little plush fix yourself, stop on by and check out the sale.

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