Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kiddie Art

So, I unearthed these drawings I made way back when I was kindie-gartner. They were found in a box in the attic along with the red satin mini-formal dress my mum made me in high school, my vintage 80's bleached stonewashed jean jacket, still covered with safety pins and little buttons of my fave bands at that time (U2, DuranDuran, Prince, The Beatles...), and my high school yearbook. My kindergarten teacher had us all create drawing books (from construction paper, what else?) and then we made a new drawing in it each month--so you can see the progression in complexity of crayola technique through the months.
This one is of my family. Dad on the right, mum at his side, and me between my mum and brother--grass beneath our feet and sun shining deliriously in the sky.
Then you can start to see the era showing up in this drawing--check out that hair, the jeans, the rainbow--hello, 1975. Oh, and the sun and a heart for good feel-good measure. Groovy.
And you here you see the predominant emergence of thumbs in my drawings--and the clearly indicated big toe too. I think this must be a clown by the looks of those pants...but then again, it was the 70's... And finally, this one. The two on the left are like psychedelic bishops with those hats--but it looks like they are wearing Addidas sneakers or something. And the figure on the right with the bird feet?--that's a superhero mask he is wearing. I actually REMEMBER making this drawing--I was sitting right outside our classroom at a table in the cafeteria and remember feeling really proud of this drawing. And check out the TWIN smiling suns in the sky this time.
So, dig this: my latest plush idea was that maybe I would design a few plushies based on these drawings--from some felted wool sweaters. Was thinking maybe I would even make these for the Plush You show this fall. What do you think?
And, I want to recognize another fellow kiddie artist--Juni, my little boy. Look at this gorgeous painting he made in preschool one day.
I am so in love with the colors--it somehow reminds me of italian marble or something.

And this is some recent Planet Hero assemblage art he made in partnership with his pal, Tillie. It was a temporary installation in our back yard.

They spent, like, weeks in pre-schooler time (where 1 minute of focused work=an 8 hour work day) putting this together, meticulously attaching and reattaching the action figures in different locations until they were in just the right place (i.e. no longer dropping off the net).But it is kinda beautiful, don't you think?

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