Friday, September 19, 2008

Autumn Light and a Woodland Creature

Such a gorgeous day today. Nothing but warm sun and a lazy autumn breeze. I had the door open in my workshop while I worked from home today, hanging out on the porch in the sunshine while I did my conference calls. This is my favorite time of year in Minnesota and I am grateful to be home for it--no travel for work for another month.
And I wanted to share the Woodland Creature I purchased recently from Astulabee. Such a brilliant little design. The raw silk face, the pink slubbed silk capelet, the little patches of embroidered fur accent on the body--and the lovely little pink silk mittens this one has.
Astulebee's work has been so increasingly brilliant over the past year. Her most recent work for the SuperPlush show is rocking my plush world. They remind me of woodland creatures gone rock star. And speaking of rock stars--or people who clamor for attention. Check out my boy.
Kung Fu Juni. Showing off his new traditional silk jammies his mama brought him back from China. HIYA! Have a fabulous fall weekend.

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astulabee/nicole said...

ha! Yes! your boy is a rock star!! Thanks so much for this post, the sweetest ever... xo!