Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome to Ludlow's Island

Labor day weekend. The dregs of summer are all that are left. And yet, we made every effort to slurp up all that remained and savor every last drop. Welcome to Ludlow's Island. It is a privately held island on the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Vermillion in far northern Minnesota, that also houses several rustic yet well-appointed cabins. Think traditional log cabins built in the early 1900's with fieldstone fireplaces, but then fresh croissants and the newspaper left on the doorstep of your cabin in the morning. Think sandy beach for swimming + traditional rock and pine shoreline. Perfect in every way.
The resort picks you up on the mainland in a classic wooden motorboat--after you ring them on the crank-style phone at the dock. We swam, played on the beach, canoed, walked the island pathways, ate homemade fried chicken, and drank endlessly refilled glasses of wine with dear friends.
I found freshwater sand dollars and read and watched my husband splash with my Juni in the lake. And I took lots of photos of everyone, every second, enjoying themselves in their own way.
And now we are home--back to the big city. Plum-tired, a tad sunburnt, but satiated with the final bits of summer.

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