Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kindie Garden Plush Photo Shoot

If you haven't figured it out yet--I really, really dig taking photos. And, I especially dig taking photos of my plushies--I love to set up the scene, think of props, find some good natural light (not there often enough when you need it though), and then just get nutty with the camera. Honestly, it does make me happy to see my plushies in photos--it just brings them alive for me in a different way--and it also becomes a memento for what will ultimately be sold to someone who in all likelihood will be an utter stranger. So, now that my full batch of kindie-garden plush dolls is complete, I decided to do the whole photo shoot thing before the No Coast sale was upon me and I was too overwhelmed by last minute prep to take any photos (this happens to me every single year). And also, snapped a few solo photos of the doll I have selected to go into my Etsy shop update in November. Isn;t she a charmer?
Cherry red hair and a lopsided smile. What's not to love?


Heather said...

how cute are these girls? i'm thinking if you list them, i'll be first in line for my niece and daughter. . . any boys in the works?

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

these girls are sooo cute!!
do you make the boys too?

Holly said...

Thank you for the kind comments about these dolls. I do not have a boy kindie-garden plus design yet--perhaps someday in the future. I do have a boy two-faced friend doll design though. You can see those on my flickr site in my two-faced friends photo set. I think there are a couple of the boy versions of these doll still for sale out on the Mahar Dry Goods shop (linked on my blog). I will be posting one of the kind-garden plush dolls in my Etsy shop before christmas, as well as a sampling of some other new designs I have in the works. I will update about when that post will occur on my blog. I do also take custom orders but am not delivering on any orders until mid December at this time due to other commitments. Thanks again for your nice comments.