Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Coast Vendor Gift Guide

I so, so, so love the No Coast Craft O'Rama--the customers, the girls who run the event, the other vendors, the overwhelming array of ethnic foods offered at the MidTown Global Market. And also, can I just tell you how much I love my craft show set up that Mr Beeper has helped me to evolve over the past few shows--the secondhand suitcases, the suitcase stands Mr Beeper builds for them from scrap lumber, and the other weird display elements we have found at my local thrift shop.And this year, Mr Beeper made this little set of display shelves that right inside this suitcase to display my smaller plushies--and it all disassembles and can be stashed right inside the suitcase! Brilliant man--and also, have I ever told you how does all of your laundry for us? And gives a fantastic neck massage after hard day of sewing? Yes, I know, I know. But no, you cannot have him.But about those favorite vendors of mine that I want to tell all of you about...there are several I am CRAZY about...and, its not too late for you too to pick up some last minute gifts from them...

First, there is PaperedTogether. Oh, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...100% cotton papers, hand-mixed inks, all printed with an antique cast-iron press...but the paper goods?
Just look at the detail from their 2009 calendar? How gorgeous, is this? And every month's design is made to tear away from the actual calendar part so it can be repurposed as a card or art or whatever you want to do with this unbelievably lovely piece of paper...which is why the calendar also comes with a set of 12 envelopes. Of course I bought one. And some notecards with a deer on them, and a gaggle of cards--like these with the girl chasing the chicken. Have I mentioned how much I love chickens?
And also, how about Adam Turman's fantastic work? While I did not buy anything from Adam this year, I have every other year and we have just run out of space to hang his work...and friends to give it to--there are limits, even with how fantastic his work his.
But we have this Grain Belt screen print (and the Gold Medal Flour print) in our TV room...(Mr Beeper loves Grain Belt beer--beer for the common man)And also, how about Foat Design? The specialize in making yoga clothing from reclaimed/recycled materials...but they also make these fantastic scarves...and the arm warmers and sweater dresses...
AND, how about this makes-you-want-to-die-it's-so-perfect print by Studio Mela? Yep, bought one of these too. For my workshop--just because it I know it will make me smile everytime I look at it. How could you not? And also, bought this one for Beeper's play space off the livingroom... And then just a couple more really quick for you....Mittens from Grovecraft. Also made from reclaimed and felted wool sweaters--kind of the second cousin twice-removed to my plushies, as I like to think of these mittens. And these MixPak CD sleeves from Zeichen Press. I picked up a couple of different mixpak designs with the idea that we Mr Beeper and I would each make a mix CD for Beeper as a stocking stuffer...mix it up with some of his favorites (Mason Jennings, Built to Spill, Prince) and maybe some new music for him...these are also made an antique printing press. Very charming.

And these candles from SoyMade Scents. I buy at least 3 of these every single year--how can you not? They are made from clean-burning soy, packaged in these rustic little jars and the scents are luscious. Those are my candles I bought this year--from the left: vanilla bean, groovy ruby (grape-fruity goodness) and harvest moon (all spicy and cinnamony smelling).

And this was my fave new vendor of the show: Numsi.
I love her work. So very "bloesem kids"--in fact, that was all I kept thinking when I was looking at her paintings. She does all of her photography here in the Twin Cities then does all the graphics work. So rad and mod and also she makes calendars--and I bought one of those too.

AND finally, how can I leave out the incomparable Charlie and Sarah? (Hi Sarah. Hi Charlie. How's it going?)Charlie actually brought along the sewing machine and did custom superhero mongrams during the show...killing me with the adorableness of the british man behind the wheel of the sewing machine. And of course, I love their clothes. Beeper has their "Mini" tee, and Mr Beeper has their "Lorry" tee...and I have their "lolly" tote.

So, yeah, go check all those great crafty people out. I trust there is something there for everyone. Go on now. Buy something handmade. Go.

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Sara said...

Hi Holly, I hope you had a successful show. I love how your plush is nestled in vintage suitcases. so cute.