Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Toy Society Christmas Drop: Two Holiday Monsters

This is Noel and Yule--two lovely little holiday monsters I made for the Toy Society's Christmas drop. These were made from the Lucy's Monster pattern (by Marne Cales) in the book, Softies.
And yes, I am a tad late in getting these little fellas out there...but today, Mr Beeper dropped them in different locations in Minneapolis.This one at Matthew's Park on 29th Ave....And this one, on Dean Parkway and Lake of the Isles Drive.Don't know about the Toy Society? Well, you should go check them out--post haste. It is a blog dedicated to acts of random kindness--specifically, one where plush toys are dropped in random locations anyone to find and take home and love. Go to the blog--really. So cool.

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mamiATheart said...

what a lovely idea! I've just seen the movie 'Shrek 4' and I wanna recreate for my kids the small puppet of Felicia, the daughter of Shrek. It looks like your monsters!