Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bunnies on a Stick

Bunnies on a stick--what could be more fun than that? You know the story--inspired by the Minnesota State Fair where all manner of foods are served on a stick, blahblahblah.And furthermore, these are rattles. Something a baby can shake around crazily and rock out with--as babies are want to do. Which is also why I tripled sewed the ears in place--because babies are also inclined to gnaw on anything they can shove into their drooly little mouths. Which also led me to make sure this design could be washed--because after a while, a toy soaked in baby drool multiple times over needs to be cleaned up a bit. I mean, we all have standards.All of my new bunnies on a stick rattles are for sale in my Etsy shop. And you should know that these are a limited edition--made exclusively in honor of spring and bunnies and stuff. Once they are sold, I have no plans to make hop on over to my shop if you really want one.

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Unknown said...

I'm in love with these bunnies...they are so so cute!! xx