Sunday, May 10, 2009

Who I Came From

This is my mum (with4 year old me). This is who I came from. And I owe her so much--I mean, not just in terms of having fed, clothed, sheltered and tolerated my ornryness for at least the first 18 years of my life--but what I really mean is for all she did to encourage me to become who I am. Meaning, this blog likely owes its genesis to my mum, really. She was the one who was always, always, always encouraging my creativity and what was inspiring to me--everything from little people to monsters to barbies to Andy Warhol. She taught me to imagine, draw, color, bake, sew, create. And she is still one of the best seamstresses I know. I dug these out today from the archives of my childhood toy chest (you didn't think this interest in plushies spontaneously erupted from nowhere, did you?)--a few of the toys she made me way back when... A doll she designed after my little-girl self, my first ever rag doll (the one with the pink dress and bloomers), a vintage-style mohair teddy bear, a circus giraffe, and my beloved Ellie elephant who went to college and traveled the world with me, strapped to my backpack. Of course, there is much more she made me throughout my life--much of my clothing in elementary school, my red satin prom dress with the sweetheart neckline and mini-length skirt (hello, 1980's), our truffle-like chocolate wedding cake, Beeper's nursery crib set, the curtains that still hang in my and Mr Beeper's bedroom today...

My mum is a creative force to be reckoned with--and still going strong. And if you were also wondering, she is one of the most generous and loving people I know. I would know--I lived with her for quite a few years.

Happy Mom's Day, Mum. Thanks for it all.

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Max California said...

Your mum sounds like mine! In school, everyone would be wearing all the brand label clothes. Not me! I wore whatever came out of my mother's amazing head and from her clever fingers!

I owe her everything!