Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday Morning Breakfast: Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

Do yourself a favor and bake a batch of these tomorrow morning. So simply delicious--and full of lovely whole grains without being a sad, dry lifeless thing. You don't even need to consider butter on these (although if you are me, you might be really tempted to put some peanut butter on these...but that's just me)--they really are soft and luscious as is with just enough gooey melty chocolate inside and a not too intense banana flavor. And that step in the recipe instructing you to toast the oats?--Don't skip it (although you could, if you really wanted to)--it give the oats such a lovely nutty flavor that complements both the banana and chocolate. Right click on or highlight the recipe card above to copy and save it to your own computer. But I was wondering--do you prefer I put recipes up in this format? Or would you rather I created a link to a pdf file of the recipe that you could click and download? Or neither?--just write up the recipe in the blog entry? Let me know what you think...I aim to please.


Julbday said...

I'd love to have a pdf. They look so good.

Laura said...

I made the muffins this morning, but I think you accidentally left off the amount of sugar to add. I put in one cup and it seems about right. Thanks so much for sharing...they were a big hit with my family!

Holly said...

OH MY! Thank you for the catch Laura. I am correcting it all now...sorry about that. Dang!