Monday, July 13, 2009

Little People

I so love this. Tiny art, installed on the street, left randomly for any old stiff to stumble over. Alientation and whimsy and humor--and so many other things--evoked here. So utterly genius. Why can't I be this cool? (but alas, this is as close to a Little People installation I get around here...)

It's by some dude who calls himself Slinkachu. For real. Check out this little snippet from his FAQ:
Q: Where do you get your "little people"?
A: Many of the little people live under my bed where I force them into hard labour cleaning crumbs from my floor.

He does this in London (god, I love London). And what I am really happy about is that there are people like Slinkachu in the world who think to do things like this--and then actually, do it. (somehow I think for something like this to be thought of and realized by me it would involve: 1)drinking a whole lot more whiskey--straight, 2)a nanny to look after Beeper while I am on one of my benders installing little people throughout the city into the night, and 3)probably would need someone extra to clean the tub and do the grocery shopping...genius like this does not come without its price...)

Now go on and dig it for your own self. Find his Little People blog here. And if you really, really love his work--you're in luck--there is a whole book of Little People installation photos.


Kirsten said...

Reminds me of the fairy doors of San Francisco, which I read about here:

I'm so tempted to put a few of these in my city.

The Toy Society said...

Oh I LOVE the Little People project.

Max California said...

More poor son. I am making him play on the floor or nap instead of doing anythign with him because I have been intoxicated by your blog!

That's right! I can't get off it. Every blogpost I have to bookmark and write down to make sure i remember to check it out again because it's so damn inspiring. And then you post links.

Why would you do that to me?

Why post links when it means I have to open up more tabs in my browser so I don't forget where I am up to.

If child services take my boy away, you're to blame.

xx max