Thursday, July 23, 2009

Portrait of the Artist

This is Beeper's very first ever self-portrait--delivered into my hands this week when I picked him up from pre-school. He apparently was given a mirror to look in and told to draw himself. Except he told me, "But I couldn't look in the mirror at the same time and draw my picture so I just drew my picture." Nevertheless, uncanny rendering of himself, I dare say. Of course, I immediately saw what needed to be done. It was the only natural next step to be taken if you are me--you simply MUST go 3-dimensional and plush.
This one will become Baby M's birthday present tomorrow. Beeper and I agreed on this. Because Baby M loves Beeper only second to her mama. And Beeper felt Baby M needed this little version of himself to keep her company. But I have assured Beeper, we will make another one this weekend--one that he can keep and carry with him because there never is enough Beeper to go around--even if you are Beeper (except when it is bedtime and you are trying to get him to put his jammies on--then there is about 342% too much Beeper and I have to resort to yelling "expecto patronum" at him in attempt to get him into line...).


Puglette said...

the resemblance is uncanny! what a sweet memory to share with your sweet son.

Holly said...

Thanks, puglette.

Anonymous said...

Very, very sweet! I love the little stripy arms and legs. And perfect for the baby! (Love the "342% too much to go around" too!)

The Toy Society said...

Oh, does Expecto Patronium work? I might have to try it on my little guy.

I LOVE Beepers hair.

And that softie is gorgeous.

Kelley said...

Okay, I am new to your blog, and I absolutely love the threat of expecto patronum! I hadn't thought of that one yet. And the mini beeper plushie is great! We are making our imaginary Henry and his cloud house today. We've gained some inspiration from your site, thank you!