Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recipe: Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

Our local food co-op, The Wedge, makes the most mind-blowingly delicious pastries right there in their little old bakery. Before we bought our house, we used to live just a few blocks from The Wedge and we would walk there on Sunday mornings to pick up warm, freshly baked pastries--my most-beloved being their blueberry cream cheese danish.

But today, we have to actually get into our cars and drive if we want to make a quick trip to The Wedge...which has drastically diminished my beloved danish consumption...that is, until I became a little obssessed with figuring out how to make my own danish without the hassle of actually making my own pastry dough from scratch. This is where the inspiration of the Wedge met the Barefoot Contessa. One day I found Ina Garten's recipe for easy cheese danish (found in her delightful cookbook Barefoot Contessa at Home)--and through some adaptation I have arrived at my own version of The Wedge original. I have the recipe for you right here:

Now, I know they may not look all that pretty in the photo above--it is not a glamorous sort of pastry, people. This is a homemade danish made with some frozen puff pastry, graciously relieving you of the step of making any sort of pastry from scratch, but still providing you with all the lusciousness of a warm fruit and cheese filled danish. And trust me, there are few things you will find that are more lovely than this danish for lazy weekend morning breakfast.

Oh, and that egg white you have left over--and the egg wash you end up using only a bit of? Well, save both of those and toss them in with a couple more eggs to make some scrambled eggs to go with your danish. Reduce, re-use, recycle even in your kitchen, my friends.

Happy pastry-making-without-the-actual-making-of-pastry.


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! I am all for making things easier to make :)

Puglette said...

yummy! thanks for sharing the easy recipe.

Unknown said...

These are fantastic. Not too sweet, so the blueberries really shine. Thanks!