Friday, November 27, 2009

Giraffes in Triplicate

A little gaggle of giraffes have made their way into my shop.  In addition to being graceful and lovely, as all giraffes are, these particular giraffes are also eco-friendly owing to the fact that they are all made from reclaimed and felted wool sweaters that used to belong to someone else  but were donated to my local thrift store.  Get your own giraffe right here.


Mallory said...

these are adorable! the pink one is my favorite!

PopiKoki said...

Fantastic, beautiful, cute. Like it so much!

Jess P said...

Oh my gosh I looove them!
I keep stumbling across more and more reasons to learn to sew...and this isn't helping!!
I love the two giraffes kissing. Aw!