Thursday, December 10, 2009

Handmade Toy Nirvana

Have you been trolling for handmade gifts as much as I have?  Scouring the pages of Etsy?  Late nights, red and bleary eyed in front of the computer?  No?  Well, fine--but I have.  I admit, I frickin' ADORE shopping for toys--I mean, I make plushies and toys in all of my spare time, so of course buying them turns my crank too. And I have found so many fantastic and lovely toys on Etsy this year and I just feel obligated to share them with you--because what if somewhere, one of you is desperate to find a handmade toy for a sweet little girl or boy?  Or need to buy something for that crazy friend of yours who makes plushies and toys during all her spare time but you are at a total loss as to what to buy her?  

Let me tell you, dear Chez Beeper Bebe friends, I so have your back on this one.  You can relax, take a deep breath, light a cigarette, pour a glass of wine and calmly click any of the links below to the toys pictured above and handmade toy nirvana awaits you...
  1. Wee Bird Plushie from Krakra craft, $5
  2. Beetle Style Car from Imagination Kids, $6
  3. Little Red and Wolfboy Notebooks from The Black Apple, $14
  4. Block Set by Fidoodle, $85 (this is so brilliant--it is a puzzle, a mix and match people set, a building set, and  features little red riding hood and peter and the wolf)
  5. Garbage Truck by NinDesign, $38
  6. Custom-Made Paxton Doll by Project Grab Bag, $65
  7. Yoyo by Goose Grease, $5
  8. Idaho Little Monster from Cotton Monster, $58
  9. Wooden Max Truck with Blocks Trailer from Gaga Baby Boutique, $65 (lovely wooden stuff in this shop...)
  10. Farminals by Goose Grease, $18
  11. Stick Me FLICKr sticker N1 Sticker Book from Yaelfran, $12 (stickers designed in collaboration with 8 different illustrators--stickable art, I tell you)
  12. Lacing Tree with Apple and Pear by Linen Kids, $13
  13. Olootee Doll by Raplapla, $56 (love!)
  14. Tops from Urban Turn, $3.50 each
  15. Dress Up Belle and Boo Paper Dolls by Belle and Boo, $10 (with more outfits to download for FREE from Belle and Boo's blog)
  16. Bitty Bebe Doll with Play Accessories from Beeper Bebe, $50 (wait, how did that get in here? )
  17. Wooden Star House Camera by Star House, $16
  18. Small Draw Original Art Coloring Book from Small Magazine
  19. Sleepy Red Forest Fox Plushie by Sleepy King, $24 (my fave new plushie artist)
  20. Rainbow Stacker from Imagination Kids, $22
  21. Car Bingo from Pilosale, $28
  22. Baby Oobee Sleepy Set from One Girl, $32
  23. Wooden Toy Boat from Friendly Fairies, $28
  24. Alphabet Flashcards from A Little Hut, $8 (more printables, people!)
  25. Dinosaur Stamp Set by NoraJane, $10 (I bought a set of these for Beeper)
  26. Breakfast Set (9 piece) from Forever and After, $55
  27. Lego Crayon Set from Gaddy Nipper Crayons, $4.50
  28. Ernesto the Softie Red Dog Plushie from Pink NouNou, $60
  29. Tell Me a Story Set from The Small Object, $35 (also bought these for Beeper)
  30. Kiki the Paperdoll from Elsita, $20


Frika said...

Hi, I really like handmade toys too, in your list I like the orange monster the most. I would like to recomend a very nice doll maker: Danita Art,

This is not spam, it's not my website, just a friendly tip ;)

Holly said...

Frika--I love Danita Art too. She has a fun blog too. Thanks for the tip. Anyone else have cool Etsy handmade toy tips? Share!

Anonymous said...

Ernesto and the paxton dolls are my favorite. :) And I know a little girl who would love that breakfast set!

sarah said...

I love Sleepy King! And have you seen Penguin and Fish's kitties? Those are my new favorites.

Courtney Short said...

i like handmade.. prefer it really.. I love that it is regaining popularity.. love your blog.. I check it often - even if I don't always comment :-)