Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Fuss Advent

Seriously, how can you not just love Meg for doing this? Really. She is posting a coloring page of her own lovely design for each day of advent. Which is perfect for me because I just did not get it together AGAIN this year to have anything lined up for Beeper for advent and I kept seeing all the adorable advent calendars and I was having "bad mom guilt" and feeling like I should have done something, for cripe's sake--but then it was Meg to the rescue. Now, not only do I have something for Beeper to do for each day of advent, but I also am no longer a bad mom--in fact, I am feeling really good overall about this advent approach since it does not involve a lot of extra STUFF that will only wind up broken, lost or stepped on (with the addition of cussing) at our house--and instead is an activity Beeper can engage in and enjoy each evening before dinner. Find it for yourself right here. Love you, Meg. Seriously.

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