Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Lucky Day Give-Away Winner

Yes, that's right dear Queen, darling, you are the winner of the January Lucky Day Give-Away. Your number was plucked from a jar at random by Beeper. And then he decided to draw this alien for you that then became an alien that was swallowed by a rainbow or something...or perhaps that is just the alien's aura. Whatever the case, he is a happy alien, just look at that smile. And there is your name--Queen. So now, you need only contact me with your email address and make plans to get your drawing made by a child to me, either via post or email or perhaps you will send it via the Canadian Mounties or something since you do live in Canada. And also, I do apologize if there are any typos in this entry as I know how anal you are about spelling and how you had to delete your original blog comment because it had a typo in it. And really, do you live in an igloo? When you write, please do let me know because I am dying of curiosity over here.

And as for the rest of you, well, please stay tuned in as there will be more Lucky Day Give-Aways in the coming months. And also, how can I thank you enough for playing along and divulging some of the oddest but most wonderful facts about yourselves--the ability to speak backwards, a pet snail named Brian, petting penguins, secret longings to be a firefighter, dirty underwear stolen by raccoons...I could go on but really, you should just read all the comments in the original blog post, here.

And, random fact about myself? Back in high school, I used to love to wear vintage lingerie as clothing (a la Madonna circa "like a virgin"). I once went to a Billy Idol concert wearing a little pink silk bra, a vintage black half-slip and a men's tuxedo jacket--and found myself in the front row. Billy Idol looked at me at some point in the concert, pulled open one of the many rips in his black t-shirt so you could see his nipple and said to me, I"ll show you mine if you show me yours." Then he sang Flesh for Fantasy. Yes, random fact and for real.


Anonymous said...

That's one hot random fact, tee hee ;)

Jamie :)
p.s. Congrats Queen!

Kelly said...

HA HA! Your random fact beats everyone elses for sure!

Tara said...

OMG that random fact tops it all!Love your blog, you inspire me and make me giggle!!

Congrats to Queen my fellow Canadian!

Lakeside Sewing said...

I saw Billy Idol and Faith No More in concert when I was in college...that was a pretty ramped up show....I saw things I know my Mom would to this day be more than perturbed about LOL! Thanks for sharing! Congrats Queen!