Sunday, January 10, 2010

What All the Cool Kids Are Doing...

(made by Alli at One Pearl Button--see her post about it here)
(made by Minnado)
(made by Kamilee)
(made by Cuddlet)
Just wanted to share some of the photos of what has been turning up in the Beeper Bebe Project Flickr group. What I love most about seeing what you make, are the ways in which you improvise or make the design yours--or perhaps, just make it work with what you have in the house already. Because that is what creating is about, really--not staying between the lines, not coloring the sky blue and the grass green, not being so damn obedient to my instructions. For instance, see the way Cuddlet did not have any thrifted cashmere on hand, so she just used some fleece sort of jersey to make her Beddy-Bye Beasts? Or the way Minnado improvised in the binding of the vintage paper doll book, using the lovely blue ribbon? Bravo.

Have you made something from one of my tutorials or project downloads? If so, you should do what all the cool kids are already doing and join my Flickr group and share.

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