Monday, February 8, 2010

Color Your Own Valentine's Cards

Are you like me? I refuse to buy commercial, "character" based valentines. At least for now while Beeper still does not realize he has a choice in the matter and is happy to go along with whatever his mama puts in front of him.

Like these Color Your Own Valentines Cards I purchased from Etsy--a $3.99 pdf purchase=as many valentine's as you can manage to print + a donation to the Children's Heart Foundation. I love that. Don't you?
The pdf consists of 12 different hand drawn valentines by various Etsy artists and not a dud in the bunch, I tell you. They are all sweet and lovely. Also that donation was a clincher for me.

So, rather than coloring valentines for each of his classmates, Beeper is packaging a little set of these cards for them to color themselves. Brilliant--right? A little gift and a valentine all in one envelope (never mind that we did almost the exact same thing last year--new school, new kids--they'll never know). I made a little band for the cards and Beeper addressed some brightly colored envelopes and now we are set for Friday's Valentine's Day shindig.

Interested in the cards? You can buy your own set here. Interested in doing something like what we did? You can download the band we made for the cards here:

Happy Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Holly for such fabulous art works.Wish you a Happy Valentine's day ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Those are sweet! I don't like those store bought cards I found a bunch of printable ones from artists and stocked up on ink and went to work, tee hee. I love your idea of bundling them together so the kids can color them!!

I just finished up your numbered beanbags (with some minor glitches, hahaha...because I'm new to sewing on a machine). But they turned out cute...and I'll be blogging about it. I'll e-mail you the link when I do. Thanks again for the inspiration & tutorial!

Jamie :)

CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Handcraft category today (look for timestamp: [09 Feb 03:00pm GMT]).

LEFTZ said...

What a fun idea Thanks!

Kendra said...

I love these! I bought them for Valentine's, so cute. Thanks for the idea.

Skooks said...

We did these for V-day too. My daughter (not quite 3) had a blast coloring them and sending them out to grandparents/aunts/cousins. :)