Monday, February 15, 2010

Eat This: Winter Granola

Here is a variation on our house granola--a little something I made up recently when I needed to use up some aimless pepitas and dried apples. There is something warm and earthy about this granola--the flavor has memories of autumn and Halloween and the holidays all rolled up inside it. Mr. Beeper calls this recipe, The granola of the gods. While maybe not quite at deity status, this granola is pretty damn good. I mean, I cook a lot and when I tasted this, I was like, Dang, I can make a mean a granola--even if it was sort of accidental the way it came together. The good thing is that I actually wrote the recipe down as I was preparing it (which often does not happen--things often come about a little haphazardly in my kitchen).

So, try to this one out. See if you think it is worthy of Zeus and Hera, or Percy Jackson, or Robert Plant circa 1971, or whoever.


Puglette said...

yummy! we love homemade granola. it is a billion times better than store bought. and so easy too! thanks for tha recipe!

oh...and i think it is as yommy as robert plant!

Holly said...

Yes, Robert Plant back in the day...well, there few things my world more delicious than that. I would take Robert Pant circa 1971 on any day of the week--with or without a side of granola

Mamarazzi said...


out blog jogging (don't worry I stretched first) and came across the cuteness that is your blog. oh the creativity!

following. i will be back.

don't be skeerd.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to be the first commenter on your giveaway that I forgot to give my children's book recommendations! I'm leaving them here so I don't double enter your contest.

My kids (and I) are loving:

"Frida" by Jonah Winter (more magical illustrations by Ana Juan!)

"In the Town, All Year 'Round" by Rotraut Susanne Berner (This book has great illustrations and lots of appeal for kids from 2 to 10!)

"The Seven Silly Eaters" by Mary Ann Hoberman, Illus by Marla Frazee

That's all I can type at the moment!


annácska said...

Dear Holly,

yesterday I finally made the granola I was thinking about all day (almost:)) since I read your recipe.
I had to make some changes, made it with honey instead of maple syrup (in Hungary it's not very easy to get some) and also with nut instead of pecan. And even it is so delicious that I cannot stop myself to eat it for breakfast, after lunch and some more in the evening... (Un?)fortunately my children don't like it very much, so dubtless is my duty to eat up the whole!