Wednesday, July 7, 2010


(Westminster Abby and Medevial Fresco)
(Westminster Abbey Floor)
(Admiralty Arch)
(British Museum Pillars and Indoor Covered Plaza)
(Ceiling in the King's Library)
(Middle-eastern Sphinx and Cupid in King's Library)
(Borough Market)
(Truffles at Borough Market)
(Big Ben and Trafalgar Square)
(Buckingham Palace from Saint Jame's Park)
(London Street)
(Westminster Underground Station)
(Hampton Court Palace)
(Tudor Rose on Ceiling)
(Fresco at Hampton Court Palace)
(Hampton Court Passageway and Mr Beeper Looking out window)
(Topiary at Hampton Court)
(Palace Back Door and Orangerie)
(Urn in Hampton Court Garden and Window in Banquet Hall)
(London Bridge)
(Tower of London Green)
(Tower of London Guard)

Quite belated, but thought I would still share some of the photos from our recent London trip.  We visited many of the usual iconic sites since Mr Beeper had never been to London before, but we also managed a few places I had never been before (this was my 3rd trip to London & I lived there for a summer...).  And if you must have my recommendations for what to see when in London town, here are a few of my own favorites...
  • The British Museum (one of the best museum of antiquities in the world, & do not miss the King's Library--one of the least visited but best parts)
  • Hampton Court Palace (former home of Henry the 8th and Ann Boleyn--if you watch The Tudors--and yes, I do--you must see this site)
  • Porters for a traditional english pie and a pint
  • Tate Modern (if you like modern art, this is the place to be--go there via the Millenium Bridge--their gift shops are some of the best shopping in all of London)
  • Hyde Park (pack a picnic from a local market and enjoy)
  • Borough Market (honestly, the best meal we had on this trip came from takeaway stalls here)
  • The Underground (perhaps my very favorite part of London)
  • Westminster Abby (if you only choose one church-y site--make it this one, chock full of history and British poets)
  • Highgate Cemetary (take the tour--the commentary is well worth your time)
  • Just walk the city...get off the underground and take some time to walk from one place to another, stopping in at pub for a pint as necessary...
And if you are looking for a very traditional boutique hotel, you cannot beat The Rookery (posh, located in the heart of London, great breakfasts in bed & a claw foot tub in every room)
And also, you can see more photos here.


MamaLucy said...

Great photos and lovely photo effects. I like the sort of '60's technicolor/patina look you've achieved with some. Great trip!

Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

what beautiful pictures!
Visiting london is a dream of mine someday. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pictures.

lookwhaticando said...

Holy crap...what a great time you are having and thanks soooooo much for your kind words on my blog awhile back :). That was really super duper sweet of you.
We just bought our first home and the house and my 2 year olds son have been my LIFE of late....hope to get sewing again soon but summer is very demanding....xoxo

wiff said...

beautiful pictures! looks like so much fun!

poppyart said...

your photos are absolutely beautiful! you are so talented. i'm glad you had a good time.

sarah said...

Gorgeous photos. I am addicted to picnik's 1960's rounded corners, too.