Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yellow Corduroy Baby Binky Bunny

Part of me just cannot get over the uber-cuteness of the Baby Binky Bunny.  Seriously.  This is the fourth time I have made it now, and I was still utterly charmed by it once complete.  Larissa really did a bang up job on the design of this--it just hits every cute button that exists, I think.  And the yellow corduroy?  Love the bunny in this color and fabric.  This was actually some yardage I thrifted and it is so soft--like velveteeen.  So good choice on the fabric--and thanks for your input on that.  Oh, and the Bunny accessories were a cinch to make and while I think it is hard to add any further to the cuteness of the bunny/binky combo, I do think they will add lots of play value for Miss Bean.
And then what is even better is that Mr Beeper and Beeper got their own craft on and made this bug box for Miss Bean, all on their own initiative.  Mr Beeper supervised the construction with Beeper, and then Beeper drew some bugs to decorate the outside with, which were cut and pasted on.  When they get crafty all on their own and make something, few things warm my heart more. Times like this, the whole handmade thing feels like a core value for our little family tribe and it just feels good.


Elizabeth said...

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my computer. I'd like to think I had a hand in it's cuteness...I mean, I WAS one of the ones that suggested yellow. ;-) Also, I LOVE the little bug box. I'm gonna try to make one with my daughter in the near future.

Just curious, have you ever thought of making your own version of the princess and the pea game that I've seen around cyber space? I absolutely love all of the things you make and would love to have a tutorial for that. I thought about making one for my daughter by making a smaller version of your two-faced doll tutorial, but I'm a newbie sewer so who am I kidding. :-)

Larissa Holland said...

Oh my ever lovin word. I can't decide which part I love more, the yellow bunny or the gorgeous primary binky with some of my favorite fabrics. Also I love seeing the accessories sewn up so nicely, too. Awesome. And thanks again for the over-the-top compliments for the pattern and the links. I owe some sales to you, I'm sure. Thanks so much.

Tallisford said...

Anyway Mr. Beeper could make a tutorial for the bug box? I wanted to make something like that for my boys but am not as crafty with wood as i am with fabric. That one turned out great though!

Baye said...

You made me do it. You made me spend more money. I've been looking at your bunnies and loving them. Between this new post on them and a fabric giveaway on another blog, I broke down and bought the patterns. I'm sure I wont' regret it a bit, but my husband may--especially if I don't win that fabric. A big thanks from me anyway for providing me with lots of inspiration as always.

Holly said...

Okay-many things to address here:
1) I have actually always wanted to do a princess and the pea design for myself--for years now--and may get around to it, but I have to say it will be a toss up as to whether it will be a downloadable pattern for free or something you can buy in my shop--since something like this would take quite some time to write up and create
2)Larissa--you are so kind. That Bkinky Bunny pattern has been worth every cent.
3)Tallisford--the bug box. talked with Mr Beeper about it and a tutorial just may be in the works...
4)Baye--um, I accept no accountability for the purchase of Binky Bunny patterns and subsequent marital discord.