Sunday, October 3, 2010

Made Over the Weekend

 This is what was made this weekend with Beeper--monster tee of his own design made with Crayola fabric crayons, and some of Sarah's Small Object Paper Dolls that were offered on Kiddley way back when Kiddley still existed.  I could have done a million of the paper dolls, personally, but Beeper had limited time for this exercise--he was more keen to keep on coloring the Harry Potter coloring pages I printed for him in the morning as a way to keep him occupied while Mr Beeper and I enjoyed coffee and muffins.  And about the fabric crayons I would say this--the colors they produce are quite dull, the image itself looks a little blurred from the original, and I really have no idea how well the image will hold up in the wash since the back of the box said to use all synthetic fibers (ick) for the best result --but for simplicity of the process (Beeper colored the picture, I spent 5 minutes ironing it on), I would give it high marks.  And he was eager to wear it to school tomorrow so there is that.  Just remember that whatever you draw will be backward once transferred--we made one colorful design that said I am awesome and I ironed it on another shirt for Beeper and then realized all the letters and words were backwards--so we just called it his secret message shirt because it can only read when you look in the mirror.  


Caroline said...

I love seeing little peeks into your beautiful life. What a lovely family you are blessed to have.


meg said...

I think a secret message shirt is even better.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a great idea, love the fact it is now a secret message shirt too :-)