Friday, November 26, 2010

Etsy Handmade Toy Guide

Since it's black Friday and all, I just thought I would drop in with my own personal list of handmade favorites, all found in crazy labyrinth of shops Etsy has become.  Tell me, does it not warm your heart though, just a little bit, to know that there is so much good handmade stuff for kids out there?  It makes me all giddy just to look at this collage.  Options for kids on Etsy have definitely improved over the last few years and what can be found goes far beyond plushies and custom outfits for Blythe dolls.   Some of these shops were new to me, but many are also tried and true favorites of mine--like The Small Object (and yes, I will be buying the I Like to Draw pencils and drawing set for Beeper's stocking). 

Some of my very favorites are the activity book from Belle and Boo (bought it some time ago and it is worth every one of its 9 dollars--so lovely and full of the sweetest variety of activities and crafts), the mohair bunny with all its adorable outfits and teeny weeny pastries from Man o' Mine, those simple wands with the colorful knitted handle from Green Mountain Wee Woolies, that funny little wool plushie from Sara Carr, and while this is not handmade--well, I had to slip in a vintage Fisher Price set in there (we already own this pop-up trailer and truck set--so brilliant the way it pops up, the little motorcycle that sits on the trailer, and the little boat on the top of the SUV).  Oh, and that new cat design from Cotton Monster is killing me I love it so much and really just want it for myself.

So, go ahead, do a little browsing, click away and get a closer look at some of the items and support all the great artists and crafters out there making so much fantastic stuff. (the list runs from left to right, starting at the top--just in case you happen to follow the photos from right to left from the bottom or some other wonky way)

1.    Multi-colored Natural Wooden Blocks from Imagination Kids $16 
2.    French Alphabet Cards $58 From Bibitty 
3.    Hand Turned Wooden Top from Urban Turn $4  
4.    Hellobaby Munchkin from Viola Studio $19 
5.    Little Tooth Teething Toy from Little Sapling Toys $12 
6.    Pogo Handstitched Woodland Friend  from Pogo $44 
7.    Aada Bunny from Man O Mine $200 
8.    Bubbles Before Bed Book from Belle and Boo $10.75 
9.    The Little Lion Hat from SweetPeaToadTots $55 
10. Tree Branch wands $5 rom Green Mountain Wee Woolies 
11. Set of semi Trailers from Nin Design $38 
13. Letterpress Fortune Teller from Sycamore Street Press $8  
14. Vintage Fisher Price Pop Up Camper $44 from Toys of the Past 
15. Ultimate Mustache Crayon Set $10.95 from Gaddy Nipper Crayons 
16. Lina Von Katz Kitten from Cotton Monster $58 
17. Paper Doll Set from Sarah Jane Studios $9 
18. Indoor Teepee Tent from Moozle $195 
19. Linen Doll Tallulah from Leilalou $26 
20. Ninjas with Intelligence from Goose Grease $30 
21. Green Digger from Elsie Marley $55 
22. Bear, Bunny, Bird Pocket Notebook Three Pack $12 from The Black Apple  
24. Wooden Car Stacker from Just Hatched $18 
25. I Like to Draw Pencil Pack from The Small Object
26. Unique Linen Pencil Clutch $23.09 from Pilli Pilli 
27. Edie Plush from Sara Carr $39 
28. Silver Bubble Wand from Nina Gibson Designs $38 
29. Coco Doll from Beeb $43.50 
30. Mushroom Bowling $28 from Muddy Feet 
31. Yellow and Blue Wooden Toy Boats from Friendly Fairies $58 
32. Design Your Own Starter Home $18 from The Merc Shop 
33. Shooting Marbles Set from Marble Maam  $9 
34. Tim from Raplapla $56 
35. Walking Blocks from Asher Jasper $40 
36. Pull Raven from Sleeping Forest $28 


Guizito said...

Wonderful blog. I love this post. Thanks for sharing :)


Kelly said...

Thanks for the great rundown!

Rebecca Nelson Edwards said...

So many good ideas - thanks! Christmas shopping for our nieces just got a lot easier and more fun.

Amy said...

Wow! That is some seriously awesome stuff you found! I love it all! Your impeccable eye is at it again...Rock on, sister.