Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lucky Day Give-Away Winners

Hello.  It's me again--that funny bunny prototype.  You know, the one she almost ripped apart and refashioned in to some other bunny more to her liking?  Well, I am happy to say that I will be leaving this cursed place where I was created and going elsewhere--namely, to one of you if you were one of the people who purchased a Spring Variation pattern in the past week.  So, please listen up because I am about to announce the winners of the Lucky Day Give Away:

Winners of the Lucky Day Give Away Who Purchased a  Copy of the Spring Variations project Set:
Give Away 1--Funny Bunny Prototype: Raven Waterfall
Give Away 2--Set of 4 Framed Spring-y Embroidered Designs: Naomi Taylor
Give Away 3--Gift Set: Kristin Geraci

And now for the lucky Chez Beeper Bebe reader Lucky Day Give-Away:
Gift Set Winner: Ally's Threads

She tells me she will be emailing you all shortly for your mailing addresses so she can send these off straightaway--but of course, she also said she would announce the winners on Saturday and here it is already Thursday.  Shows you what kind of blogger she is (the sort who contemplates ripping helpless bunny plushies limb from limb, I can tell you!).  I am off to stuff myself in an envelope in the hopes she will get me on my way to Raven dear as soon as possible.  Ta-ta.

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Gumbo Lily said...

Just popping over to say "thank you" for the tutorial on the Baby-Bat Hat. I've made several for my grandgirls....2 infants and one 2 1/2 year old. (I adjusted the pattern for her bigger head).

So cute.