Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summertime's List of Desires

Although it seems antithetical to the lackadaisical ways of summer, I always have a list of the things I want to do, see and eat each summer.  I attribute it to the Minnesotan in me--winter is long and summer is fleeting, and carpe diem is the only way to fly if you want to get the most out of that little respite of warm weather we have around here.  But aside from all that, I just like the happy anticipation of making a list of all the good things you can do during the summer.  And even though it s only 65 degrees here today, the sun is still shining and the garden is growing and I know there is so much goodness to come.  So, here's my list:

1. An evening at the drive-in movie theatre with friends and lots of great food and drinks in the cooler
2. Monthly picnics, with an open invitation to friends to join
3. Can more jam--blubarb, raspberry, raspberry jalapeno, pepper
4. Monthly camping trips to escape the city
5. Make lots and lots of popsicles, including some new flavors
6. Dig a new, bigger garden bed for french green beans, small melons, kale, summer squash and tomatoes
7. Paint the outdoor chairs in mismatched bright colors
8. Build a playhouse for Beeper
9. Weekly trips on bike to the local beach
10. Hiking at at least 2 state parks we have not visited before
11. Dinner at a drive-in burger joint
12. Bike everywhere that we can
13. Dinner at the Tin Fish (local open air restaurant on the lake)
14. Lots of games of kick ball with the kiddies
15. Camp at Split Rock State Park on Lake Superior's north shore
16. Weekend trip to Madeleine Island in Lake Superior
17. Catch the Led Zeppelin cover band if they play the Lake Harriet Pavilion again this summer
18. Tettegouche family summer camp with friends
19. Weekly trips to the farmer's market
20. Catch some of the open air movies in the park
21. Attend our neighborhood Art Fair
22. Do a full day at the Minnesota State Fair and eat ourselves silly or sick 
23. Check out the milk carton boat races and the sand sculpture competition during Minneapolis' Aquatennial celebration
24. Make lots and lots of new summer foods--burgers, kebabs, salads, pies, ribs, creative sandwiches--for picnics and al fresco dining
25. Outdoor movies in the backyard with the neighbors

 What is on your list for this summer?  Share already.


Sabrina said...

Besides maybe a road trip to visit family in Michigan, I'll be doing a lot of the same things on your list. I live in Minnesota too! :)

Bego said...

your list sounds really nice. here is mine (i'm kind of improvising):
1 - meet as many friends as possible
2 - go to swimmingpool and actually swim for 20 minutes every day (my back will thank me)
3 - read a book a week
4 - drink two fresh pressed juices every day
5 - sew sew sew sew and sew
and this is only to start with :)

Yolanda @ Miss Refashionista said...

Oh I might just have to copy your list!! :)

kristin said...

think i'll just cut and paste your list to my calendar...


don't forget about the Walker's Free First Saturdays (always a good time...)

ice cream at sebastian joe's

como zoo's japanese gardens

maybe this is the year i get out to pioneer village to the little log house (if only to see porky's again!!)

follow the peace crane folding at the rose gardens by Lake Harriet

bike the grand rounds once a week

check out circus juventus

and, and, and...

enjoy your've got a great list there.

Holly said...

Bego--I like the fresh juices and reading books as items on your list. Good summertime stuff.

Kristin--I love Sebastian Joe's and it is regular stop for us on a bike ride around Lake Harriet. Their praline ice cream is so good it makes you want to kill yourself because at least you will know you will die happy having just eaten it.

meg said...

how about a road trip to Madison?

Anna said...

Love your list! For the Popsicles - my recent favorite has been unsweetened tea popsicles - just made the tea a little stronger. I was inspired to make these by the raspberry leaf tea ones that my friend/birth assistant brought to my baby's birth - so refreshing!