Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th

grilled and listened to records with friends
made vanilla vodka lemonades (recipe later)
went to the beach when it got too damn hot
ate drippy ice cream
visited an organic strawberry farm and picked 9 pints
made some strawberry-rhubarb jam
spent a lot of time at the vet with Socrates who broke his paw
That's what we did over our July 4th weekend.  What about yours?


Iliah said...

That's lake harriet, i presume. We were totally there part of the 4th--and the day before might i add! Swimming, ice cream, a little bandshell concert, a sweet trolley ride--the whole shebang! Though i must say when i was younger that trolley felt like it lasted 30mins--only to realize it's actually about 10mins! My girls loved it brought back great memories for my sister and i! Our grade school was just blocks away from lake harriet. Our end of the year picnic was held there every year...and soon as the weather got warm our teachers packed us up and held classes at the rock gardens--oh the joys of hippie teachers! :)

Anyway, im talking WAY too much and it's to wee hours of the morning.

Where is the organic strawberry farm you visited--the seƱoritas would LUV a trip there...

Iliah said...

And pardon my non-proof reading ;)

Mme Wright said...

wow. these photos represent summer SO PERFECTLY.

(well besides the poor kitty with the colourful cast - get well soon kitty!)

LaMarmotine said...

Ohhhh poor Socrates...
I've a black cat, nammed Socrate too.
Nice day...