Sunday, August 7, 2011

Look What You Made...

Counting Bean Bags made by Liz at Living My Sweet Life
(the numbers are freezer-paper stenciled--brilliant!)
Girl Pin Cushion from the Child's Sewing Kit made by ThisYoungMama
(so nicely done I almost wish it was a whole doll!)
Mooshy Belly Bunny made by Kristena at Thimbly Things
(described by Kristena as a jail-break-bunny)
Child's Sewing Kit by Linaloo
(love the denim cover with the applique heart)
Spelling Bean Bags by Tappity
(made with such a lovely array of repro feedsacks I feel a little nauseous with envy)
Nature Explorer Bag made by Kendra
(actually, she made 3 and she made them to be beachcomber bags for her kids)
Counting Bean Bags by The Crafty Kitty's Eco Crafts
(made from some luscious Cloud 9 Organic Fabrics and then
stashed in a fabric box designed by Stephanie to fit the bean bags--
and I love the blanket stitched numbers)
Rainbow Sunshine Plushie made by Larissa at MmmCrafts
(the chenille lion's face adaptation of my design just makes me smile)
Cloth Napkins by Kay at I Got a Notion
(like the letters done up in an array of calicos--very homey)
Some of you have been busy again--busy making stuff from my tutorials, busy making lots of counting bean bags especially, and busy making them all your own in that way you have.  I love to see what you put up in the Beeper Bebe Projects Made by You Flickr group--and love to flaunt what you are doing around here.  Because it should be flaunted and shared.  In my perfect world, everyone would stop what they are doing to admire all the things so many people are out there hand-making, everyone would give handmade gifts, everyone would understand the value of handmade, and everyone would have a scotch and soda with a twist of lemon at 6:00pm sharp each day.  Mmmm, scotch and crafts...

And just in case you got disoriented there for a moment after viewing so many awesomely realized projects, you can find the instructions for any one of the projects
right over here.


Larissa Holland said...

Aw, Holly, an honor to be in this cool lineup! Thanks! P.S. I love and adore your cozies in Kids' Crafternoon Sewing. LOVE THEM.

Kendra said...

Eeeeee! I'm so happy you posted a picture of one of the bags I made! Thanks, Holly, for the excellent tutorials. -K

Kelly said...

Will have to give those counting bean bags and spelling ones a whirl! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas :)

Yosefa said...

I want to make the counting bean bags as soon as I think of a game my 6 and 4.5 yr olds can play (beside pelting each other with them).

Amy said...

Totally awesome! Look at everyone you've amaze me anew. Cut it out, already.


Holly said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks, Amy.

Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

Wow, Imagine my surprise when I started reading my blogs this morning and saw my bean bags on yours!! WooHoo!! Thanks for making my day!! =)

Bugglesnug said...

OMG, I love the lion!!!! Eeeee!!! It's so freaking adorable!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention and for making the bean bag tutorial in the first place.

Stephanie (the crafty kitty)

Anonymous said...

What a creative brain you have! Thanks for liking the calico and inspiring us all!