Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Sharing: A Few Lovely Gifts for the Kiddies

Need a few ideas for some lovely little gifts for the kiddies?  I got some.  Fiona's Poppy Doll just makes me happy to look at it and I really cannot wait to make one myself (how can you not love a doll with a Mia Farrow haircut?).  And those wooden peg dolls from Kirsty are so colorful and sweet I could eat them--but then there wouldn't have anyone to live in Patrica's paper houses (which also come with little bed templates to put the dolls to bed in!).  I love the easy-to-assemble tent kits for simple and quick gift-giving.   And, if it all gets out of control over here and I find all of my crafting dreams of grandeur thwarted by holiday madness, I will, at a minimum, make the Chewy plushie in some brown cotton velveteen and tuck it in bed next to Beeper for a Christmas morning surprise.  

Hope you can all find some time to make some handmade happiness for the kiddies in your life.  Now, go get to work and make something because there is only a month until C-Day.

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Bego said...

Oh, I love the Chewbacca plushie and the kokeshi dolls. Thanks for sharing these findings!