Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

I suppose I should have done this before 2012 actually was upon us, but things have gotten a little lackadaisical over here with the holidays and all of this nothing we have scheduled.  Regardless, I like to have a little look back at the year and what  I managed to create and make and accomplish in my little crafty corner of the world--just because I perpetually feel like I did not manage to accomplish half of what I intended, given the way life has a way of interfering in all your best laid crafting plans (and also, the need for sleep). However, I did manage 6 or so tutorials (favorite among them was the Nature Explorer Bag), saw the publication of 4 books that contained some of my designs, put out my own little crafty project set (Spring Variations), and did some serious re-stocking my Etsy shop in time for the holidays.  

Of course, I already have some big plans for the next year, including a new project set (Autumn Variations), 1 or 2 other plushie patterns I have had lurking in the recesses of my brain for some time now, and, of course, a few more tutorials for all of you.    No doubt I will find plenty of distraction along the way to keep me from doing all I set out to do, but that is part of the crafting game.  You make some, but you can never make it all...there's a little fortune-cookie-style wisdom for you.

How about all of you?  What are your crafting plans and goals for the new year?  Got a little crafting glimmer in your eye just waiting to come to fruition?


kristin said...

cheers to another productive year!! hope 2012 brings you much joy!

Angela said...

Happy New Year! For 2011, I set a humble goal of making something at least once a week (bear in mind - these were not craft-book worthy somethings). I DID IT! So for 2012, my goal is just to make sure I do something creative every day. Seems like goals, rather than resolutions, are the way to go for me.

Holly said...

Angela--I think the humble goal of making something once a week is actually a pretty lofty goal--so you should feel really great about that achievement. I hope you check back and let me know how your goal to do something every day that is creative goes...I am so much a kamikazee style creator where I launch myself hardcore into making things for a brief period but will produce loads in that period--then I just sort of push my crafting table aside and am done with it for a week or two and find other things to blog about, read about what everyone else is making and doing--then I find some more inspiration and energy and do it all over again. I am curious to know how your everyday approach goes though.

Wild Maple Wool said...

Awesome and way groovey!!! Look at all the things your've done ;) I'm just swimming upstream homeschooling my three little boys with another due soon and trying to get my Waldorf dolls made and in the shop before this next babe arrives! Reading your blog gives me inspiration!!

Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

Joy said...

Happy New Year!
My crafty goal is to do more painting, and to transfer some of my outback photography onto canvas. And travel and write more :)