Monday, February 27, 2012

Sharing: A Handful Projects for the Home

I have been craving some new decor in my home for a couple of months now--I want to re-paint several rooms, bring in some new furniture, redo some existing pieces, hang new stuff on the walls...I suppose part of it is just the time of year and being in the house so much during the cold winter months of Minnesota makes one a little tired of one's four walls.  So, here are a few home projects that have caught my eye and have me imagining all the ways I could fall in love with my tired old home again (like those pipe and board bookshelves from The Brick House--I am positively obsessed with putting up a whole wall of them in our bedroom for all of our books endlessly accumulating [along with the dust bunnies] on our floor.)


Sarah said...

I love the little desk area. Super adorable for a little kid.

- Sarah

Angela said...

Those are very inspiring shots.
I'm with ya too. I'm ready to move all the rooms in our home around. Everyone swap! Just for the change of scenery.